3 Things to Know About Sharpening Film

3 Things to Know About Sharpening Film

Made for Cutting Steel...

1. Engineered to cut metal. The abrasive minerals (Aluminum Oxide or Diamond) are much harder than any steel used in chisels, plane blades or knives. The grains are anchored in a layer of resin on a polyester-based sheet with a heavy backing. This makes the films waterproof, tear resistant and durable.

2. Precision graded. The grains on these films are made with much higher precision in regard to size and distribution when compared to other abrasives. This prevents scratches from larger grains or inefficient sharpening from grains to small.

Precision Sharpening

3. Proven Performance. Lapping, Microfinishing and Diamond film are typically used in the most demanding industrial applications where performance is critical.  They cut and smooth metal more efficiently and have the capability to put a super micro finish on machinery parts that demand the highest tolerances.
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