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Sharpo Diamond Sharpening Set

Sharpo Diamond Sharpening Set

With 12 Sharpening Films

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• Premium fast cutting diamond sharpening film
• Large 3" X 9" sharpening area (40% larger compared to sharpening stones)
• Included grit sizes are perfect for sharpening any blade
• Film is reusable, water proof and tear resistant
• Pressure sensitive adhesive secures the sharpening film to the glass plate making it easy to use and simple to replace
• Stainless Steel hardware components won't rust or corrode
• Rubber base provides a stable non-slip base
• High quality perfectly smooth glass plate provides ideal sharpening surface that never dishes out and no need to flatten and dress like sharpening stones
• No need to presoak in water, just a few drops of water or vegetable oil will do

What's Included

• Stainless Steel / Rubber Base
• 2 Plate Glasses
• 12 Sheets of Diamond Film
• 4 Grit Sizes - Coarse, Medium, Fine, Super Fine


• Stainless Steel / Rubber Base 2 3/4" X 11 1/4" X 1 1/8"
• Plate Glass 3" X 9" X 5/16"
• Sharpening Film 3" X 9"

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  • Sharpo Diamond Sharpening Set

    This kit provides a stainless steel and rubber base that supports the 3" X 9" plate glass and sharpening film. Each glass plate will accommodate 2 grades of film (1 on each side).

    This simple but extremely effective sharpening set outperforms other sharpening systems. This is because our precision durable sharpening film abrasives sharpens faster and cleaner.

    This set includes 2 glass plates will accommodate 4 films (1 grade on each side).

    How to use:

    To use, simply peel off the paper liner from the sharpening film, and apply the film to the glass plate. Be careful to avoid trapping air bubbles during this process. Spray some water or use a few drops of vegetable oil on the surface on the film as lubrication for the sharpening process. This will prevent swarf buildup and allow your films to be used longer!

    Begin with the lower grit size (coarse to fine, depending on how dull the knives are). Use the Angle Guide for a reference of a proper sharpening angle (20 degrees). Use push or pull strokes with the direction of the non-cutting top edge leading. Step down the sequence of grits until desired sharpness is achieved.

  • Included Film

    Diamond Sharpening Film
    QTY Grit Grade Color Reference
    3 320 Coarse Gold
    3 500 Medium Green
    3 1800 Fine Blue
    3 3000 Super Fine Brown

    These premium abrasive films are manufactured with precisely graded particles. Consistent uniformity in size and distribution with very high density.