About Sharpo Products

Sharpo offers sharpening products that allow you to sharpen your blades, tools and knives using the scary sharp method. 

The Scary Sharp Sharpening Method is a method of sharpening woodworking tools and Knives with coated abrasives films. These films are a fraction of the cost of sharpening stones and perform as well if not better.

It is an extremely effective, inexpensive way to put a wicked sharp edge on chisels, plane irons and knives.

Flexible Buying Options

Sharpo offers easy ordering for purchasing kits, films and accessories. Our sharpening kits provide the essential pieces and our accessories allow you to enhance a sharpening kit or create your own. We offer a wide assortment of abrasive films to suit any sharpening need.

Choose from Lapping, Microfinishing or Diamond films and grit sizes from 180 to 160,000 (0.5 micron)! Order a complete set or individuals sheets for replacements or to create your own set.

Sharpo Film VS Traditional Sandpaper

Our sharpening films cut faster, are water and tear resistant, and provide precise, consistent, close tolerance finishes on a blade. 

Unlike traditional sandpaper, our films are designed for cutting metal in demanding industrial settings. The grit on the film is anchored in a layer of resin. The resin holds the grit to the paper in a very strong bond. You will notice how much longer they last than regular grade papers. 

Our abrasives are manufactured with electrostatic orientation and precision graded for greater cutting efficiently. This process also allows for even grading which is very important for even, precision cutting. The result is a faster, more efficient sharpening experience. 

All our films also come with a peel and stick pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing for ease of attachment and removal from any flat, smooth surface (like 5/16" plate glass). 

What makes the Sharpo's sharpening film so effective? 

  • Better: Far superior to traditional sandpaper.
  • Faster: Unlike whetstones, prep work is not necessary. Start sharpening right away. 
  • Easier: The films adhesive back adheres to glass and easily peals away when ready to be replaced.
  • Durable: Water proof and oil resistant. Stronger and last longer than traditional sandpaper.
  • Sharper: More grades allows for micro precision and extreme sharpness.