How to use Lapping, Microfinishing and Diamond Film

How to use Lapping, Microfinishing and Diamond Film

Sharpening Made Easy

  1. Apply the film. Peel off the film backing to expose the adhesive. Place the film on the glass by aligning the long edge of the film with the long edge of glass and then gradually lowering from one end to the other. Avoid wrinkles or bubbles when applying to the glass. Rub or squeegee any air bubbles out from under the film so it lays perfectly smooth on the glass.

    You can lubricate the films with a small amount of water or a few drops of vegetable oil. This will help you see the swarf (metal debris) that is coming off the blade to help you gage how much the film is cutting.

  2. Work from lower grit sizes (coarse) to larger grit (fine). The number of strokes or passes depends on the condition of the blade and angle you are using. Continue until you have reached the desired level of sharpness for that grit then move to the next higher grit.

  3. Clean and save. Since the film is waterproof, you can rinse or even wash the surface to remove any swarf (metal debris). Not only does this clean your film, it will help it cut more effective next time you use it. You can save the films for later use by sticking them to any clean, flat non-porous surface until you're ready to sharpen again.


The life of the film depends on what type of film you are using (lapping, microfinishing or diamond). It also depends on variables such as blade type, the hardness of the metal and the condition it's in. General tests have shown for each film, you can estimate 5-8 uses for lapping, 7-12 uses for microfinishing and 10-20 uses for diamond.  

Cutting Speed and Aggressiveness

All of our films are engineered to get you crazy sharp edges in fewer passes but the 3 film types each work a bit differently. Our Diamond Film  is the most aggressive and cuts the fastest. Nothing on the planet is harder than diamond making it the king of abrasives. Our Microfinishing Film uses Aluminum Oxide particles and features a heavier (5 mil) backing which makes it very durable. Our Lapping Film also uses Aluminum Oxide particles and is offered all the way down to 0.3 micron which is an approximate equivalent to a 60,000 grit! It is cost effective and commonly used for metal sharpening. The fine grit options can be used for sharpening and honing any blade to a razor, mirror finish.


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