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Plate Glass 2 Pack 5" X 12" X 5/16"

Plate Glass 2 Pack 5" X 12" X 5/16"

by Sharpo

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• Large Sharpening Surface
• Smooth Polished Edges
• Heavy, 5/16" Thickness
• Non-slip mat made from silicone provides secure grip

What's Included

• (2) Plate Glass
• (2) Non-Slip Mat


• Plate Glass: 5" X 12" X 5/15"
• Non-Slip Mat: Approximate Size 5"X12"

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Plate Glass 2 Pack 5" X 12" with Non-Slip Mats

These heavy 5" X 12" X 5/16" thick plate glasses offers perfect flatness and provides a solid surface to attach sharpening film sheets. Unlike other glass plates, Sharpo's glass has smooth polished edges and professional finish.

This size will easily accommodate a half sheet (4.25" X 11") sharpening film on each side of the glass. Two glass plates can support 4 sharpening films.

The non-slip mats provides a firm and secure grip for the plate glass to allow for easy sharpening without the aid of vises or clamps.

Sharpo's sharpening films have a pressure sensitive adhesive backing to allow a secure placement on the glass and can be peeled off when the film is ready to be removed.

The glass surface cleans easily and will never warp or need to be flattened like traditional sharpening stones.

    Customer Reviews

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    Richard Maryman
    very nice

    I tried to get a similar glass rom a local glass suplier...they don't stock the 5/16th thickness. The plates were very well protected/wrapped for shipment. I woul definitely order again if I ever have the need.