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Sharpo Sink Bridge Diamond Set

Sharpo Sink Bridge Diamond Set

With 12 Diamond Sharpening Films

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• Wood base is adjustable to straddle most kitchen sinks (up to 22")
• Includes 12 sheets of Diamond Sharpening Film
• Selected grit grades for ideal coarse / fine combination
• Film is reusable, water proof and tear resistant
• Pressure sensitive adhesive secures the sharpening film to the glass plate making it easy to use and simple to replace
• Includes 2 high quality perfectly smooth glass plates that can support up to 4 grit sizes
• No need to presoak in water, just a few drops of water or vegetable oil will do
• Included wood base is lightweight and portable
• 20 Degree sharpening angle guide is included

What's Included

• USA Adjustable Wood Sink Bridge Base
with Stainless Steel Hardware
• (2) Plate Glass 3" X 9" X 5/16"
• Fast-Sharpening Diamond Sharpening Film (12 Sheets)
• 4 Grit Sizes (180, 320, 500, 1,800 )
• 3 Sheets Per Grit Size
• 20 Degree Angle Guide


• Adjustable Base 3" X 16" X 2 1/4"
• Plate Glass 3" X 9" X 5/16"
• Sharpening Film 3" X 9"

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  • Sharpo Sink Bridge Diamond Set

    This kit allows for the adjustable base to straddle most kitchen sinks (up to 22") for those that like to sharpen with a water source. This kit is supplied with diamond film for faster sharpening. Diamond is the hardest abrasive material designed to cut very fast and last longer. Each glass plate will accommodate 2 grades of film (1 on each side).

    This simple but extremely effective sharpening set outperforms other sharpening systems. This is because our precision durable diamond coated abrasives sharpens faster, cleaner and is replaceable for a fraction of the cost of diamond stones or plates!

  • Included Film

    Diamond Sharpening Film
    QTY Grit Micron Color Reference Grade
    3 320 45 Gold Coarse
    3 500 30 Green Medium
    3 1800 9 Blue Medium Fine
    3 3000 6 Brown Fine

    These premium abrasive films are manufactured with precisely graded particles. Consistent uniformity in size and distribution with very high density.